Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Thingies

I should really have more of a web presence. Apparently, if you google "Andrew MacDonald writer Toronto" my picture comes up a lot. In one of them I'm drinking. That's fun, right? In the next few months, I've got three stories coming out in three different publications:

1. "Four Minutes" in Taddle Creek

2. "Blindspots" in The Windsor Review: Best Writers Under 35

3. "Something More Vital Than Air" in the Pilot Pocket Book.

Not a lot of people who don't know me know this, but I'm probably leaving Canada soon, and before I do, I'm going to bombard the literary journal circuit with the stories I've been finishing / editing / sitting on for no good reason. Some of these are about . . .

1. Love in an oncology ward

2. A historical-noir set in Renaissance England, featuring two goons who have to reclaim a body (though it's actually about loving family members who disappoint you)

3. One about two guys who try to build a particle accelerator at their cottage (though it's actually about being the family member who disappoints everyone)

4. A woman who tries to find the perfect man for her terminally ill, recently-out-of-the-closet gay husband

5. This dude's relationship with a girl who wants to go to Ukraine to shoot the uncle who abused her when she was younger

6. How a prison librarian in 1980s Romania deals with HIV and a riot that breaks out (note: story features a character called the Peruvian Death Star)

Anyway. Hopefully someone will want to accept one or all of the above for publication.

xo a

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