Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Puritan

Dear Puritan Friends,

Out twelfth issue -- Winter 2011 -- is up and running. Head on over to our site ( and ogle the new writing!

There you will find:

Fiction by Daniel Scott Tysdal, Christine Fadden, Sharon Erby, and Joel McConvey.

Poetry by Mat Laporte, E Martin Nolan, George Moore, Kristine Ong Muslim, Martin Balgach, Bardia Sinaee, Mark DeCarteret, William Doreski, and Richard Kostelanetz.

An interview with John Lavery by rob mclennan!
An interview with Catherine Owen by Darryl Salach!
An interview with Daniel Scott Tysdal by E Martin Nolan!

And a review of Margaret Christakos`Welling by E Martin Nolan.

We are currently accepting submissions for our 13th issue, Spring 2011 up until March 31st. Head over to our site and use our BRAND NEW submissions manager to send us your work.

We still pay respectable bounties for new fiction, poetry, non-fiction, interviews, and reviews! Hope to see your stuff come tumbling in.


Spencer Gordon
Andrew MacDonald
Tyler Willis

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Next week or so, swanky Memphis lit journal The Pinch will be releasing their latest issue, which includes a personal essay I wrote about possessing male genitals. This may or may not be something you want to read. I hope it's the former, but I'll understand if it's the latter.

I reference foreskin rejuvenation treatments, though! And marijuana![!!]

The cover will look like this and the entire issue will be available in places like Chapters on either the 15th or 16th. Can't remember. Golly!

The picture to the left is the first google image that comes up when you search 'the pinch.' I like it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Heads up - two reviews are out and about. First, in Matrix, my review of Giller/GG/Writer's Trust Award-shortlister Kathleen Winter's novel Annabel. I may or may not reference trousers.

Also presented for you perusal: a review of Anne Perdue's charmingly-titled collection, I'm a Registered Nurse Not a Whore. Read it here at MTLS.

Finally, you should read Matthew R Loney's story, "That Savage Water," in the same issue. Not only is the story really swell, but Matt is a handsome gentleman who looks like this: