Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Quarterly is New

I always forget you, little buddy, and maybe soon you'll be left for good, since I'm creeping towards getting a website. Sigh. You'll always have a place in my dark little heart.

Anyway. Updates on the subject of writing . . .

  • The current ish of The New Quarterly has two of my stories ("The Perfect Man for My Husband," about a woman whose terminally ill husband comes out of the closet, and "A Perfect Replica of the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel," about a kid whose best friend's dad turns out to be the neighbourhood pedophile), plus a picture of me, plus an Afterword, in it. 
  • I wrote this historical short story about the chess playing robot Turk from like the 1900s; the Masters Review selected it for their anthology of emerging American voices (which is weird, because I'm not American).
  • I won the Deborah Slosberg Memorial Prize in Poetry, from UMASS Amherst, and this is a funny thing, because I don't really write much poetry.

I think that's everything. Well, it isn't everything, but the OTHER THING that's good news hasn't been announced yet, so I can't tell you what it is, but something has been selected for a kind of something prize that comes once a year, like Santa Claus. 

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