Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pilot Book

Probably too soon to announce this, but I'm rogue like that. My story, "More Vital Than Air," about Jewish things and an astronaut and Ms. Ukraine, got picked up by one of my favourite literary publications in the whole country, the Pilot Pocket Book. You're probably wondering why this thing is so amazing. Aside from being a sassy little thing you can keep in your back pocket, you mean? Peep the mission statement! Go on, I say! Peep!
Pilot Illustrated Literary Magazine is a Toronto-based periodical with a mandate to print primarily new storytellers, poets, and artists from Canada and beyond. Pilot has an expressly aesthetic approach. Each story and poem is illustrated by professional artists and illustrators. Each volume includes portfolio pieces from our contributors in beautifully rendered black and white. Pilot is more than just a publisher. It is Pilot’s contention that the work of artists and writers improves when supported by a strong community. We feel that you will enjoy the Pilot Portrait Pages, which replaces the traditional bio section with well-crafted written and pictorial portraits.
I'm hoping this portrait thing will make my bust look bigger. All for now. -a

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