Friday, September 10, 2010

Cloverfield Festival of Authors

Next month I'll be reading at the Cloverfield Festival of Authors. Details? Details . . .

Cloverfield Festival of Authors (CLFA) will be held on Tuesday 26 October 2010 at The Ossington in Toronto. It is sponsored by Broken Pencil Magazine, The Puritan, The Ossington, and an as yet unannounced fourth party.

Halloween costumes are very much encouraged.

Terrifying readers for the evening include:

Evie "Stone Cold" Christie
Christine "Eerie" Estima
Jessica "The Werewolf" Westhead
Lindsay "Traumatizing" Tipping
Spencer "Ghoulish" Gordon
David "Bubonic" Brock
Mat "The Viper" Laporte
Andrew "The Minotaur" MacDonald (that's me!)
Nathaniel "Gorgeous" G. Moore
Angela "Haunted" Hibbs
A.G. "The Poltergeist" Pasquella

... and more to be announced and added in suspenseful, pre-Halloween drama!

The Ossington
61 Ossington Avenue

Then a dj will play music
and we will dance and our
born / yet unborn
children will dance !

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