Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Beaker, posing to the right with her maladjusted pet human, spends Sunday afternoons sitting back with the latest issue of Event.

Meanwhile, George, left, is functionally illiterate and wishes he could read like his sister.

[Read "Eat Fist!," a story I wrote, in the latest issue of Event]


  1. Eat Fist! is the greatest story ever told, of all time, featuring cameo appearances by Gilgamesh II, Homer, St. Paul, and Marco Polo. Honestly, you, buy Event and read this story and then thank me and thank your parents for birthing you when they did, which luckily put you on the globe in Canada in 2010 and thus able to read Eat Fist!

  2. That was, like, intense. And you forgot to mention Frodo Baggins, who appears in scene six as 'Delivery Room Utensil 6.'