Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Puritan Returns.

Back by marginal demand! The Puritan returns!

After sixteen months of dormancy, The Puritan is back with a brand-spanking new, twenty-first century online format, now publishing poetry, reviews, interviews, recipes, as well as prose.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters for sticking with us throughout our prolonged hiatus. Even if you haven’t been thinking of us in sixteen months, we’ve certainly been thinking of you.

Our new online issue – #8, Fall 2009 – features work by Angela Hibbs, Nathaniel G. Moore, Andrew Faulkner, Catriona Wright, Mike Spry, Pearl Pirie, Monty Reid, John Goldbach, Eva Moran, Michael Bryson, John Lavery, Sarah Dearing, Michael Blouin, Rebecca Rosenblum, and never-before-seen interviews with Sheila Heti and Jan Zwicky.

In typical fashion, we plan to release our next issue at the end of the season it claims to represent. So, we’re opening our pod-bay doors to submissions of fiction, poetry, reviews, recipes, and interviews. Check out our website’s submission guidelines for more information. The address is the same as it ever was –

Also, we’re open to the idea of considering your artwork for upcoming covers. Potential covers should reflect the general visual theme of our current issue’s cover and our wonderful website.

To help us pay down our monstrous debt, we’re opening our archives to you. That’s right – we’re selling our back issues at rock bottom prices. E-mail us for more details at Veteran and senior discounts available.

We won’t bore you any longer. Our new site hopefully says it all. Please visit often, as changes will be frequent and intriguing.

With love,

The Editors
Spencer Gordon
Tyler Willis

Andrew MacDonald

Web Crew
Derek McCrone
Jamie Weir

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