Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pivot / Montreal

Attended another Pivot Reading Series event at the Press Club. Good stuff and nice to finally meet this rob mclennan chap the homeboys keep talking about. His blog, in ugly copy/paste font and color:

The Pivot's webplace is this:

There's a good restaurant across the street from the Press Club. M-something or other. My seafood linguine was sex in seafood linguine form. Feed there, if possible. Wait, it's called Musa. Yeah. Good stuff.

It's 6:30 in the AM and I'm about to flee to Montreal to give a paper on female bodybuilding at a conference. My opening riff is about Olivia Newton-John and I'm tempted to wear my lycra singlet from my wrestling days. 

I also saw a six year old get hit by a car on Bloor just before Bathurst yesterday. Note to dimwits behind the wheel: if traffic is stopped at a red light and backed up at least a street, don't try to be a ninja and speed by in the other lane. 

Be well and speak easy. 



  1. you might have worn your lycra singlet.


  2. Agreed. All future trips to Montreal will be lycra-fortified!

    - andy